Planet Squared features new rock & reggae music with live acoustic shows, main stage concerts, festivals and more .

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Planet Squared Inc. is a boutique music marketing & entertainment production company founded in January 2000. We believe good music brings good people together.

Planet Squared features new rock & reggae music with live acoustic shows, main stage concerts, festivals and more. To find out about upcoming shows in your city, sign up for our concert update. To book an artist/band for a live performance at your festival, casino, boat cruise, resort, amphitheater, performing arts center, club, college, vineyard, etc, please see Booking/Management.

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What is Planet Squared?

For decades, industries have mass-produced conventional products based on consumer demand. In order to stay competitive, most industries have cut their up-front costs by using natural resources, however the total costs have been passed on to future generations in the form of pollution and waste. Today the impact on our land, air and sea is a problem, and ignoring it just isn't going to cut it. Each of us can make a difference simply by supporting eco friendly products. Our goal at Planet Squared is to promote & distribute good music to good people. Every ton of recycled paper we use for example saves 53.2 million BTU's, reduces 587 Lbs. of air pollution, cuts the emission of sulfur dioxide in half, preserves 17 trees, 6,953 gallons of fresh water, 463 gallons of oil and 3 cubic yards of landfill space. Add the fact that our packaging is also recyclable, therefore mathematically, the results are squared. Hence the name, Planet Squared™

Recycling Centers

Click to go to 1-800-CLEANUPBy recycling & supporting eco-friendly products, you are helping to save energy, reduce toxins, pollutants and waste while preserving natural resources for a better tomorrow. To find the nearest recycling center, call 1-800-CLEANUP or click the hand icon.




US Air Force medal presented to Headshine on 6/10 for a concert honoring the troops Thanks to 91X, Surfline, OC Weekly, KROQ, House of Blues, Palms Casino, Sundance Film Festival, Chillin Music Festival, NYE at Hilton Bayfront with Big Night San Diego 91X, Mammoth Reggae Festival, Silvan Ridge Amphitheater, Mt. Laurel Performing Arts Center, Newport Yatching Center, our break through artist Headshine was nominated for the OC Music Awards and is now featured in a new commercial by Metrolink. Headshine was also presented a medal by the US Air Force for performing a concert for the troops.

The State of California Environmental Protection Agency presented Planet Squared with a WRAP Award for outstanding efforts in saving energy, reducing waste and pollution while preserving the environment. Planet Squared was also awarded the Governor's Environmental & Economic Leadership Award by the EPA for meritorious contributions to environmental protection and resource conservation, while integrating sound economic growth for the State of California.

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